Frequently Assked Questions

How does Biostart™ work?

Biostart™ works using biometric authentication and information from your assets CAN bus, only authorised personnel can start a Biostart™ protected asset or vehicle, if that person leaves the asset or vehicle, it is shut down to prevent any unauthorised personnel from using it.

Depending on the Biostart Security™ model you have these features will vary, please see the features page to see which models have the features you are looking for. HERE

What happens if I have no network?

Biostart™ does not require a connection to the internet, your device and Biostart™ connect using Bluetooth.

*If you have a plus model which includes remote management and you lose network connection, authorised drivers will still be allowed to start your asset, any updates while offline will be processed as soon as a connection is re-established. Authorised users can also enable override mode directly via Bluetooth.

Am I able to track my vehicles and run reports?


If you have opted for a Plus model of Biostart Security™ you will have the option to track your vehicle and run reports based on a journey, speed and geofencing.

Does Biostart™ record a fingerprint that can be used against me for any reason?

Biostart™ does not record any fingerprints that can be used against you. 

Can Biostart™ be bypassed in the case of an emergency?

Depending on the Biostart Security™ Model you have, there are different options for bypassing the system in an emergency. If your version does not have a remote connection, an authorised user can bypass the system using Bluetooth, if your model does include a remote connection, Biostart™ can be remotely bypassed by an authorised user.

Both models also have the option of a covert switch installation, which can be used to bypass.

How does driver behaviour work?

Driver behaviour is a feature that comes with Plus versions of Biostart Security™,  these include a GPS tracker that will monitor g-forces and speeds of the vehicle and feed the information back into the tracking system, these are viewed in an A to F ranked table, for each type of event.

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