Biostart™ "The worlds most innovative anti-theft and driver identification solution."

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Many companies encounter theft as a result of drivers leaving keys in the ignition and sometimes even leaving the engine running whilst they vacate the vehicle. Naturally, this increases the chances of theft many times over which can be eliminated with the use of The  BioStart ™ Security System.


Biostart ™ is a ground breaking, perfect solution to ensure that only authorised personnel drive your vehicle or asset.

Increased Security

of your Vehicles & Assets

Fuel Savings

with engine shut down

Provides Overall Control

of who drives what vehicles

How does it work?

The BioStart™ Security Security solution cuts the vehicle electrics using a combination of factors that are collected using the vehicle or assets CAN Bus.

When the driver returns they can only start the vehicle if they are authorised to do so by placing their finger on the biometric reader for recognition, which then resupplies power to the engine.

So long as the driver has been granted the relevant permissions to drive the vehicle or asset they will be able to start the engine as per normal. If not the engine cannot be started.

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